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About Us

Peaceful Simplicity 

​An Everything Company, with a focus on Minimalism and Efficiency, like the Sun, which provides so much for our daily existence. From Light, Warmth, Energy and Time, much of our daily lives revolve around this singular ball of fire, so many millions of miles away. We hope to provide this level of peace, benefit and simplicity to our customers. 


Our Story

I have witnessed multiple family members struggle with Eczema for years. Upon seeking expert medical help, the prescriptions provided were expensive and only worked momentarily. I had always been a big proponent of natural remedies over chemical and synthetic treatments, and I had been researching Ancient Islamic & African remedies for various problems faced by people daily. Shea Butter had been confirmed to be scientifically proven to help those suffering with various skin problems, and we had witnessed great improvements to the skin's appearance and reduction of irritation, while using it. 


However, one complaint that was reoccurring was the rustic smell of the Shea butter. Thankfully, Essential Oils was a reoccurring remedy for various ailments, especially in the Islamic Tradition. Thus, the mixing and marriage of the two became paramount to solve the problem of the Shea Butter's aroma issue. 

After a few mixes, I began passing product out to receive feedback, and this turned out to be astoundingly beneficial. A longtime friend came back saying that it could work as a deodorant.

I was astonished: being hard pressed recently to find natural, alcohol-free and Alluminum free deodorant that worked for me. I began to test different batches of my mixes, testing them and seeking feedback, attempting to bring it up a baseline that worked for our initial customers. 


Thankfully, the Sun Of Mercy was founded upon the success of that process.


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